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Gabriel Knight Returns: Interview with Jane Jensen

The classic Sierra adventure game Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is coming back in 2014.  Today series creator Jane Jensen announced a partnership with Activision to re-imagine the game for PC, Mac and iPad in 2014 with newly upgraded HD graphics.  I spoke to Jane about the news yesterday, and what follows is a transcript of the conversation. Fun fact: I served as a volunteer beta tester for the original game 20 years ago!

So now we can finally reveal what “Mystery Game X” is on your website! Fans will be thrilled to hear you are finally reunited with Gabriel Knight. How did this deal come about with Activision

There were some people at Activision who were passionate about the old Sierra titles and one of them contacted me during our Moebius Kickstarter last year. There was more visibility of adventure games at that time with the various Kickstarter campaigns and the success of some big titles, so it looked like a good moment for them to get a project like this rolling at Activision. Those supporters inside Activision are really to thank for getting the project off the ground and for helping me get the license to do this game.

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Jane Jensen Is Remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Remakes of beloved games generally prompt kudos, and few games are more beloved than Jane Jensen’s Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, a brooding 1993 PC mystery that moved the ball way down the maturity field, story-wise.

The game was classic point-and-click adventuring — nothing new mechanically speaking, but actors like Tim Curry and Mark Hamill did superb, memorable voice work (in my memory, anyway). And with Jane Jensen’s able, steady hand on the narrative rudder, it was one of those games that elicited lots of “I had no idea games could be this” while crossing demographic lines: the girl I was dating at the time — up to that point not a gamer — wound up playing and finishing Sins of the Fathers before I did.

Jane Jensen just confirmed the happy news on Twitter: a fresh-minted version of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is in the offing for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android, and it’ll be here sometime next year.

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